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Dr. Ortiz has several credits including Producer, Director, Editor, Talent and TV Host. He was recruited immediately after finishing his studies by Discovery Channel. He become the host of the poplar show aired globally in Discovery Health's Medical Planet where he recorded 5 seasons and over 60 shows. Since then he has been in front and behind the cameras in numerous occasions including a very unique appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show featuring the youngest teen ever to have weight loss surgery and her surgeon, Dr Ortiz.

Documentary: Tijuana la otra cara 


Cinematic documentary that explores the perspective of smiths, artists, entrepreneurs and creatives of the region, to translate into a universal, audiovisual language, the intricate language of one of the most misunderstood cities in the world, sharing its true essence, contextualized in a cinematic vision with very attractive production values for the audience, creating an objective, reflective and sophisticated message, thus changing the final perception of this unique city. With the participation of Dr Ariel Ortiz®.

Movie: Memorama


An independent film Directed by Tijuana Filmmaker Gabriel Reyes who was invited to participate in the 72nd Edition of the Cannes Film Festival. With the participation of Dr Ariel Ortiz®.  Watch the trailer! 

Docu Series: Mexican Fat


A healthy and Delicious Journey! Mini Series that takes you in a colorful journey through the myths and reality of the Keto diet throughout the insights of the most famous traditional cooks and chefs in Mexico. Travel with us to the paradise of pleasure and health. 

Docu Series: Food Anatomy ®

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America's Favorite Dermatologist has teamed up with Dr. Ariel Ortiz to produce and star in a fun series about eating healthy south of the border. The series takes you through several destinations in northern baja, now considered by many experts as a top global culinary destination.

PrimeTime Television: The Oprah Winfrey Show

During 2008, Cassie appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show after having a successful lap-band procedure performed by Dr. Ariel Ortiz®. Oprah personally asked Cassie and her mom to share her story. Watch the video to see this amazing testimonial.



PrimeTime Television: Stuart Varney


Stuart Varney discusses the benefits of the World's First Swallowable Gastric Balloon, aired in Fox Bussiness Network.

PrimeTime Television : ABC's Nightline

In 2014, two americans head to Mexico for Weight-Loss 'Balloon Pill'. The “balloon pill” is a controversial device called Obalon. The pill is attached to a catheter that allows doctors to inflate the balloon once the capsule is swallowed. It enters the stomach and quickly and doctors use nitrogen gas to inflate it into a small balloon, making the patient feel full immediately.

Local Television:  San Diego Living 

Dr. Ortiz talks about Health Tourism, Global Health Standards and Weight Loss Surgery. Watch the video! 

Magazines: Newsweek's Top Doctors in America 

Dr. Ariel Ortiz was named as one of the Top 15 Bariatric Surgeons in America by Newsweek Magazine. In this video he reflects on that honor and sees it as a reflection of a lifelong commitment to providing weight loss surgery as a cure for obesity.

Tijuana Innovadora

Dr Ortiz was announced by Tijuana Innovadora as one of the 2016 personalities of Tijuana's Walk of Fame. Watch the Video!