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He is currently the president of global communication for the international Bariatric club and director of IBC-TV.  International Bariatric Club's Television Channel. IBC-Tv is the First Global Bariatric Surgery Channel on Youtube as well as website. Dr Ortiz has been part of the IBC Oxford World Congress for over two years contributing to the research and improvement of bariatric and cardiometabolic medicine along other renowned surgeons.



Coming next year the Third IBC-Oxford University World Congress at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford.Watch the video! 

Interview Professor Sir Alfred Cuschieri - Dr. Ariel Ortiz IBC-Tv 

Sir Alfred Cuschieri talks about the past present and future of surgery at IBC-Oxford 2019. 

Interview Dr. Mathias Fobi - Dr. Ariel Ortiz IBC-Tv

Interview with Prof. Mathias Fobi | IBC Oxford World Congress 2019

Interview Dr. Haris Khwaja - Dr. Ariel Ortiz IBC-Tv      

"How did the Congress go?" Professor Haris Khwaja shares his final thoughts on IBC Oxford 2018.

Interview Dr. Christine Ren, NYU

Dr Christines Ren from NYU shares with IBC members a little of what she is up to these days in her constant research at her center. Not only brains, but beauty. Rare combination in a bariatric surgeon!

Interview Dr. Obrien

The world renowned, Professor Paul O'Brien, Joins us at the Barcelona meeting for a quick chat at the IBCTv interview area.


Interview Dr. Fobi

Our honorary member, Dr Fobi joins us at IFSO meeting in Barcelona for a quick chat about IBCTv and his enthusiasm as he has high hopes for our great club.


INVITE! DSS-II, Professor Francesco Rubino

Professor Francesco Rubino's invitation to the DSS II, London, UK, September 28-30, 2015