Facebook Online Symposium: Metabolic Guidelines

A first on Facebook, a multipoint online symposium streamed on Facebook globally. International Bariatric Club does it again with the first ever online meeting streamed live through Facebook from the IBC studios in Baja Mexico and Dr. Ortiz.

2 Live Surgeries in 2 Continents! 


Another live stream on Facebook, with two live procedures moderated by top surgeons, and taking place in Madrid and Mexico.

The two sides of the coin of Medical Tourism

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America's Favorite Dermatologist has teamed up with Dr. Ariel Ortiz to produce and star in a fun series about eating healthy south of the border. The series takes you through several destinations in northern baja, now considered by many experts as a top global culinary destination.

IFSO Presentation 2011


A healthy and Delicious Journey! Mini Series that takes you in a colorful journey through the myths and reality of the Keto diet throughout the insights of the most famous traditional cooks and chefs in Mexico. Travel with us to the paradise of pleasure and health.