Docu-Series: Food Anatomy


The Show: Food Anatomy.

Baja-Med® cuisine, a term trademarked by one of the top chefs in the region of Baja California and rivals the great region of the Mediterranean and its famous fair. Join Americas favorite Dermatologist, Dr Tess Mauricio and Dr Ariel Ortiz, as they take you in a culinary adventure in the Baja California area now recognized as one of the most interesting and diverse culinary destinations in the world. Named the Tuscany of America by Anthony Burdaine, join the doctors as they enjoy the food and drink and discuss related health topics.


Ceaser's Salad Birthplace!


Infamous salad known in every corner of the world, Dr Tess and Dr O enjoy the original salad at its birthplace, Ceaser's Hotel in Tijuana Mexico.

Sugar is the Drug of Choice.

Carbs are more prevalent than ever in our food where Agro-Industry and the Processed Food Industry play a major role in the macronutrients that are cheap and abundant.

Cheese Please!

Let's explore the several types of soft and hard cheeses available in our region and the nutrients that can be expected from a good quality cheese.

Meet the Meat!

Different animal meats are available in Northern Mexico especially when looking at traditional cuisine. Lets explore the different varieties and preparations. 

Fruits and Vegetables

Let's visit the local market and enjoy the vast variety of vegetables available in baja cuisine.

Street Eats

Tortas are basically sub style sandwiches prepared with carne asada at one of the most popular sites for the last 20 years" Tortas El CarWash".


Every one knows what a quesadilla is, but did you know they don't just have cheese inside?


Sexy Foods

Certain foods can elicit bodily responses from secretion of endorphins ( a brain hormone that can give you a natural high) to other  pleasure causing mediators.


Mosto means "Must".

Let's visit one of the popular restaurants in Tijuana, and enjoy their paring of local foods and wines.


Calm Foods

Soothing sensations can come from food and drink as well. Here are some examples explained by Dr Tess.


Super Foods

Certain foods have been hailed by ancient civilizations for their healing and wellness properties. Here are some of them.


Fast Foods

Professor Francesco Rubino's invitation to the DSS II, London, UK, September 28-30, 2015


In the heart of wine country: Almazara

Visiting Chef Miguel Angel Guerrero and his trademarked BajaMed® style cuisine, this olive oil grove and press from the turn of the century is covered to a one of a kind restaurant in the middle of wine country.


Tequila, an Organic Spirit?

Most tequilas are naturally grown and fermented. Tequila is not a slam it down type of drink, it is more of a sip and enjoy life and smell the cactus.


Wine Valley down south: Guadalupe

East of Ensenada lies a vast wine country with over 200 wineries and varietals that will blow your mind. Let's look at one of the most famous wineries and winemakers.


Slim Foods

Fiber is the name of the game, carbs are slower to be absorbed when eating in their original state, such as whole fruit.



Puerto Nuevo Lobster

Newport is the translation of this iconic fishing village turned into lobster destination just 45 minutes south of Tijuana.


Seafood, The Black Market.

Ensenada is famous for the fish taco and of course the grand seafood market available to the public.


Tacos in Tijuana

Frank has the best tacos. Featured in several documentaries including Netflix's Taco Chronicles.